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Myndshft Direct is bringing the value chain of the future to life. Our aim is to provide a robust end-to-end solution with a seamless user interface, backed by great customer service. Grow your top line through direct-to-consumer solutions: seize cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, integrate multichannel efforts, and improve customer targeting. Myndshft Direct has the tools, expertise, and a simple eCommerce implementation plan to suit your needs.


Myndshft’s dedicated client management teams support you worldwide, wherever your business needs to be. Our materials and inventory management expertise has proven to reduce costs for our clients, all while allowing them to scale globally. Our clients rest easy at night knowing they can rely on us to improve quality and delivery time for their most critical assets – their customers.

Myndshft Direct

Physical Commerce

Our direct to consumer solutions enable you to make your brand’s fulfillment experience the best it can be.



With Myndshft Direct fulfillment, we will handle everything from receiving, to kitting and assembly, distribution, and delivery.

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Warehouse Management

Myndshft Direct manages all warehouse activities including receiving, inventory and production control, and processing.

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Shipping and Logistics

Myndshft Direct’s fast, dependable, efficient, and cost efficient shipping and logistics services are critical to your business’s success.

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On-Demand Warehousing

If you need on-demand storage or fulfillment solutions, Myndshft Direct’s on-demand warehousing is available when you need it.

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Digital Commerce

Bring your brand to life online with a digital commerce partner with the most advanced and innovative technology solutions.


Through the power of CognitiveBus®, our cognitive computing platform, our clients can get to know their customers better. This allows them to create personalized experiences across every touchpoint and channel.

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Analytics and Consulting

With our Customer Analytics and Consulting services, we can help you plan the right development efforts and select the right technologies for your business to help you succeed and delight your customers.

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End-to-End eCommerce

We have developed best-of-breed in-house technology solutions to create superior integrations and help you deliver end-to-end frictionless shopping experiences to build lasting relationships with your consumers.

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