Des Moines, Iowa – October 17, 2017– Myndshft Direct rolled out a new logo and branding that is intended to better represent how Myndshft Direct leverages the latest digital technologies with best-in-class fulfillment solutions to help companies compete in the rapidly evolving commerce space. Myndshft Direct is a world-class managed services organization, headquartered out of Des Moines, IA, with a global network of solutions partners. Our work is enabled by modern digital tools and cognitive technology for warehousing, fulfillment, inventory and order management and full end-to-end commerce services.

“Our goal is to be the industry leader in end-to-end solutions and to be revolutionaries in the dynamic, mash-up world of physicial and digital commerce. This includes helping our customers become leaders in their respective industries and to grow and expand their businesses,” said Jeff Ruiter, Myndshft Direct SVP Supply Chain and Operations.

When designing the new look, we wanted it to reinforce our purpose and our passion of making eCommerce simpler, faster, and for anyone. Myndshft Direct’s ideology of “Better Commerce” drives us to continually look for ways to innovate and transform commerce, build deeper relationships with customers and level the playing field for any sized company.

“Ultimately, your customer is our customer…there is no distinction. We are just as passionate about the person opening that package, as you are in creating a product they will love,” said Myndshft Direct Operaptions Manager Eric Gaby.

Our digital and physical commerce expertise has proven to reduce costs for our clients while enabling them to scale globally. Our clients rest easy at night knowing they can rely on us to provide the best operational performance and on-time delivery for their most critical assets – their customers.


About Myndshft Direct
Myndshft Direct enables companies to seamlessly cross the chasm from physical supply chain to digital commerce through the application of industry leading processes and the most modern technology available. We understand that at the end of every order is a person and we’re dedicated to helping our clients deepen their relationships with each customer by delivering the perfect order every time. For more information on Myndshft Direct, visit myndshftdirect.com.

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