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Through the power of CognitiveBus® – our cognitive computing platform – you get to know your customers better and create personalized experiences across every touchpoint and every channel. This technology allows patterns to be recognized, anticipating your customer needs, identify irregularities, and adjust actions to fit the situation or alerting of a potential issue.

Cognitive IoT Solutions | Technology

CognitiveBus® is the breakthrough technology at the foundation of intelligent automation and the Internet of Things. It is a flexible, AI/machine learning software platform built from the ground up to be the fastest to deploy, build on, test and operate intelligent applications, integrate data sources, connect data streams, and drive in the moment actions.

Features and Benefits

  • Provides smart firmware, intelligent gateways and robust data transmission on multiple protocols
  • Collects structured and unstructured data from devices, enterprise databases, social sites, applications, etc.
  • Delivers in-the-moment insights that can be embedded into new or existing processes, applications, products, and services
  • Understands, reasons, and learns continuously to extend the value from data, actions, products, and services
  • Built on a state-of-the-art open platform
  • Deployable across any cloud, on premise, or a hybrid

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