Physical Commerce

What We Do

Myndshft Direct delivers an unparalleled out-of-box customer experience. From the shelf, to the box, and into the hands of your customer — our services focus on every touch point’s power to satisfy and delight your business and your customers.

Our Services Include

Myndshft Direct Distribution and Fulfillment

With Myndshft Direct B2B and B2C fulfillment, we will handle everything from receiving, to processing, to kitting and assembly, to distribution, to delivery. Myndshft Direct has everything to cover your warehousing and fulfillment needs.

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An adaptable and strong warehouse management system will set your business up for fulfillment success. Myndshft Direct’s system seamlessly manages all warehouse activities including receiving, inventory control, production control, and order processing.

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Myndshft Direct Physical Commerce Warehouse Management
Myndshft Direct Physical Commerce Shipping and Logistics

Myndshft Direct’s fast and dependable shipping and logistics services are critical to your business’s success. Our shipping and logistic services help get your products to their destination on-time, efficiently, and cost effectively.

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If you are in need of on-demand storage or fulfillment solutions, Myndshft Direct can help. Our on-demand warehousing and storage solutions are available when you need it.

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On-Demand Warehousing Solutions

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