Advanced Order Fulfillment and Distribution Services


Myndshft Direct offers a full spectrum of logistics and fulfillment services from picking, packing, shipping, storage, and product return operations and print production. We offer omnichannel order fulfillment solutions which cover direct to consumer, B2B, B2C eCommerce, and subscription box companies. Within our facility we offer an advanced warehouse management system (Direct WMS) which will help manage your warehouse activities associated with your fulfillment including receiving, RF Gun functionality, inventory control, production control, and order processing.


We view fulfillment as more than just logistics of shipping and distribution.

Our Services include:

Myndshft Direct Distribution and Fulfillment

Distribution and Fulfillment

Myndshft Direct Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection

Myndshft Direct Corrugated Packaging Design

Corrugated Packaging Design

Myndshft Direct BOM Assembly

BOM Assembly

Myndshft Direct Lettershop

Lettershop/Print Services

Myndshft Direct Kitting


Myndshft Direct Component Assembly

Component Assembly

Myndshft Direct Product Repackaging

Product Repackaging

Myndshft Direct Product Refurbishment

Product Refurbishment

Myndshft Direct Marketing Collateral

Marketing Collateral

Myndshft Direct Returns Management

Returns Management

Myndshft Direct Pick and Pack

Pick and Pack

eCommerce Fulfillment Services


Your eCommerce business can sell a great product, promoted by a top notch marketing team, have a perfectly designed website, with unprecedented customer service. But without an exceptional eCommerce fulfillment provider and best-in-class technologies, that value cannot be delivered to your customers. .


Location is Key


Our Iowa Fulfillment Center allows you to reach your customers faster and at lower shipping rates.


Myndshft Direct Fulfillment Map

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Let us show you why Myndshft Direct should be your partner

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Let us show you why Myndshft Direct should be your partner